Lua Sandbox Environment

Wapka Provide Native Support for Lua Scripting Language.

Wapka Developed highly customize Lua Sandbox Environment on top of Standard Lua 5.1

Wapka provides a modified version of Lua Environment which differs in some ways from standard Lua 5.1.

Differences from Standard Lua

Features that are not available

  • dofile(), loadfile(), and the io package is removed as wapka don’t provide direct file system access.

  • The package package, including require() and module(), as it depends heavily on direct filesystem access.

  • Most of the os package, as it allows manipulation of the process and executing of other processes.

    • os.clock(),, os.difftime(), and os.time() remain available.

  • Most of the debug package, as it allows manipulation of Lua state and metadata in ways that can break sandboxing.

    • debug.traceback() remains available.

  • string.dump(), as it may expose internal data.

  • collectgarbage(), gcinfo(), and the coroutine package have not been reviewed for security.


Features that have been modified


  • print() non printable data will be converted to json before printing. So when you try to print Lua table it will become JSON object. 

  • pcall() and xpcall() cannot catch certain errors, particularly timeout errors.

  • tostring() does not include pointer addresses.

  • string.match() has been patched to limit the recursion depth and to periodically check for a timeout.

  • The Lua 5.2 __pairs and __ipairs metamethods are supported by pairs() and ipairs().


Features that have been Added

  • dump()  similar to print but it will show human readable format for various data type good for debuging.

  • include()  to import any page by name.

  • loadstring() to import any lua code from other source and return as function.

  • os.exit() & server.error() Custom Error Handler

  • More Module & Library:

    server ---> library to modify web server
    req   ----> the http request library
    env ----> for environment variable and other private data 
    proxy ----> remote proxy library
    encoder ----> data encoder library
    decoder ----> data decoder library
    hash ----> cryptic hashing library
    url ----> for url related work and request processing
    html  ----> to simple handle site html content and separate head body
    api ----> Wapka API Library for many advance work


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